Closed Circuit TV Magnifier (CCTV)

A CCTV magnifier is a closed-circuit television monitor and camera system that allows a disabled user to place print and digital multimedia beneath the camera or connect with a computer and use built-in controls to change font size and other aspects of the viewing experience for better access, such as brightness, color, and focus. Some monitors can show a split screen featuring the "before" and "after" images simultaneously.

The magnifier is one of the easiest and most flexible website accessibility tools to use. They usually require the least amount of extra coding, and offer a variety of solutions for people with many different types of disabilities. Magnifiers can be used to quickly and efficiently bring a company into compliance with accessibility standards. 

The Business Disability Forum reports that 15% of all people in the world have some sort of disability, and 75% of that audience has turned away from a purchase because it was too difficult. In many cases, these difficulties could be eased with nothing more than bigger text on the screen. 

All major browsers have built-in adaptability for CCTV. Text size can easily be increased through a simple process on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Torch and Firefox. This is also the case with the major mobile OS platforms Android and iOS. In older browsers, however, the screen might lose some elements of animation, but this functionality has largely been fixed in newer versions.

Although it’s simple and helpful, increasing the text size is not the only way to create accessibility. You can now buy add-ons that reduce the frequency range of screens to help avoid seizures and other negative potential effects. Because blue light has the highest frequency of any type of visual light on a computer screen, blue light blockers can produce the same anti-seizure effect.

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