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Harvard University

"Honestly cost was a big factor as well. We had a set amount of funding (for our accessibility project) and your pricing fit us perfectly. Plus, I really liked working with your team. Everything went very smoothly. On scale of 1-5 stars (with 5 being the best), I would give you guys 5 stars for sure." Read more
Charley Gibney | Senior Developer | Digital Solutions, The Center on the Developing Child

Colorado 18th District Attorney's Office

"We have webmasters, of course, but they’re really not the policy or infrastructure design team, we don’t have that piece in house. So we’re good at web design and all that; but we needed (external experts) to provide the parameters to achieve accessibility." Read more
Jonathan Saultz | CTO and Director of Central Services | CO District Attorney's Office

Star One Credit Union

"Even though our website was generally ADA-accessible, and no members had complained about accessibility problems, the threat of a lawsuit alerted us to look more closely. Indeed, having an audit done by a third party (the BoIA) was very helpful in that it pointed out several areas where fine tuning was needed for comprehensive accessibility compliance." Read more
Fred Shuherk | Senior Web Services Manager | Star One Credit Union

Riedel Crystal

"As a European company, we knew accessibility was not as highly regulated...but we were looking for our website to adhere to the world’s strictest laws, and this is why we contacted the BoIA.... We needed a partner with knowledge of those laws and the intricacies of compliance regulations who was based in the U.S. to help us." Read more
Rosita Gschwentner | Head of Worldwide Digital Marketing | Riedel Crystal


"Throughout the process, the ‘service’ piece of it in terms of (ongoing) monitoring and service support for when we had challenges with some of our customers utilizing (the website) was great." Read more
Barbara Ann Hagen | Vice President of Sales and Marketing | ThriftBooks

Zenni Optical

"The BoIA differed from others we looked into. We suspected what was wrong and what needed to be remedied, but you were able to provide specific code fixes and feedback thanks to your engineering team." Read more
Jonathan Saultz | Software Project & Program Management | Zenni Optical

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