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"A business that values leadership promotes accessibility integrity, competence, responsibility, respect and concern for everyone that visits their website or uses their software.”
Source: Kim Krause Berg, VIP Contributor, Search Engine Journal
“Your customers, whether using your application directly or integrating your software or SaaS solution into their business, require full compliance to all digital accessibility standards. Exposure to class action lawsuits, Department of Justice enforcement activity (as well as lawsuits from the customers who you support) is more likely than other industries because of their reliance on your product for their own customers.”
Source: Bureau of Internet Accessibility
“Web accessibility and ensuring content can be consumed by all people, is one of the most important issues facing online businesses today. Yet still, it remains surprisingly under the radar amongst many brands, particularly with SMBs.”
Source: Ryan Robinson, Contributing Writer, Forbes

Software and SaaS companies and the businesses using their solutions are inherently well versed in the latest customer-facing technologies. And because 99% of them today (ok let’s make that 100%) have a website to offer their products and services to customers and prospects online, they’re more often than not just as savvy with the latest e-commerce solutions. And that’s great. All is right in the world, yes?

Not exactly.

Much to our dismay, a number of software and SaaS-based organizations and their customers – be it online billing companies, medical businesses, food shopping portals, online retailers of all shapes and sizes – fail to keep pace with one of the most pressing online issues that exists today: website accessibility for persons with disabilities.

Kim Krause Berg, a leading web design standards and compliance specialist, reaffirmed our belief that far too many online businesses and software providers remain in the dark when it comes to embracing digital accessibility. According to Ms. Berg, “I’m still confronted by Fortune 500 companies that have no interest in accessibility for their public-facing websites or software products. Not even the threat of paying out millions in lawsuit settlements is enough to convince them.”

If you need to ensure greater website accessibility and compliance for persons with disabilities, don’t go it alone. The Bureau of Internet Accessibility has been helping software and SaaS companies (and those who use their solutions) to achieve compliance for more than 20 years.

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