Industry-Focused ADA Website Compliance Audits

For nearly two decades, BoIA has established a successful track record of helping clients from a vast array of industries make their information accessible to all end users. Each industry has its own specific concerns and requirements and needs to be addressed in unique ways. Some of the industries that BoIA has focused on include Online Retail, Travel & Hospitality; Local, State and Federal government; Non-Profit; Education; Financial and Healthcare


BoIA helps School districts, public and private K-12, college, university and others educations students insure that all students will have an accessible online experience

Finance & Insurance

Consumer expect on online banking, interactive stock trading and processing of insurance claims to be digitally accessible


Navigating the complexities of Section 1557 and WCAG 2.1 AA to ensure all patients and those supporting them is where BoIA excels


Online shopping is more then convenient, for many its the one of a few fully independence experience that they can perform on their own.

Hospitality & Travel

Delight your business and pleasure travelers with an experience that is fully accessible

Software & SaaS

Application testing requires unique experience with security protocols and custom use case testing 

Federal Government

Federal agency are required to insure website, mobile applications and kiosks comply with Section 508

State & Local Government

All citizens have the rights to interact with their state and local government.

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