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What Does the 2017 ICT Refresh Mean for Websites?

The internet's ability to connect people of different backgrounds and abilities with information and services...
Jun 5, 2017

Accelerator Keys Save Time

Commonly referred to as access keys or keyboard shortcuts, accelerator keys are a combination of keystrokes that...
May 29, 2017

Why Websites Need an Accessibility Statement

Business leaders, government agencies, and internet authorities are working hard to give disabled individuals...
May 22, 2017

Best Fonts To Use for Website Accessibility

Font style is one of the most important considerations of accessible website design. Although screen readers can...
May 20, 2017

5 Tips to Improve Website Experience for People with Cognitive Disabilities

The digitization of everything is breaking down barriers and instantly connecting people across the planet....
May 19, 2017

Using CSS Floats with Image Links

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the primary standards organization for the World Wide Web (WWW). These...
May 19, 2017

Using Keyboard Emulators to Access the Web

A keyboard emulator, also known as a virtual keyboard, is a software component that allows users to enter...
May 18, 2017

What You Need to Know About Visual Focus and Accessibility

Visual focus is all about navigation. Users who rely heavily, or even solely, on a keyboard need clear on-screen...
May 16, 2017

How Contrast Ratio Pertains to Website Accessibility

Contrast ratio refers to how bright or dark colors appear on screens. The more scientific definition is that...
May 5, 2017

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Web Accessibility Tips: Don't Disable Zooming (Yes, Even On Mobile)

If your users can’t zoom in on your content, you’re probably making a mistake. Zooming (or scaling) is common,...
Oct 14, 2022

Why Justified (or Centered) Text is Bad for Accessibility

Justified text is text that is spaced so that the right and left sides of the paragraph have the same edge. In...
May 9, 2023

How to Fix: "Buttons Do Not Have Accessible Names"

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) require interactive elements to have both a “label" and a “name.”...
May 26, 2022

Dark Mode Can Improve Text Readability — But Not for Everyone

Dark modes and themes are extremely popular and they’re frequently touted as an accessibility solution. While the...
Jul 7, 2021

What Are the Four Major Categories of Accessibility?

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are organized by four main principles, which state that content...
Sep 13, 2019

The iOS "Increase Contrast" Feature and Accessibility: What to Know

Apple’s iOS offers a number of accessibility features that enable users to tailor their mobile experiences. One of...
Sep 26, 2022

Accessibility Tips: Let Users Control Font Size

Oct 26, 2023

Accessibility Tips: Using the DIV and SPAN Elements

Usually, you want use HTML to convey meaning about the structure of your website. However, two HTML elements are...
Oct 21, 2022

What's The Difference Between WCAG Level A, Level AA, and Level AAA?

In order to embrace web accessibility as a priority, you need to set goals and track your progress. The Web...
Dec 17, 2021

How to Fix Google Lighthouse's 'Sufficient Contrast Ratio' Error

Google Lighthouse is a free tool for auditing website performance, search engine optimization (SEO), and web...
Apr 25, 2023

5 Quick Ways to Self-check the Accessibility of a Website

Ensuring your website is accessible is imperative for business, legal, and practical reasons, but it can be hard...
Apr 3, 2019

Does Comic Sans Benefit People with Dyslexia?

Comic Sans is controversial. Since its release in 1994, the playful, Batman-inspired font has been panned as...
May 16, 2023

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