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Verification of Accessibility Engagement™

In today's litigious environment, you may be in a position where your website is alleged to be out of compliance or you have to quickly demonstrate that you are taking action to make it more accessible. That's why we now offer our clients a Verification of Accessibility EngagementTM to show they have engaged our services and are on the path to compliance.

Verifies that you've engaged a trusted accessibility partner

You become eligible for a Verification of Accessibility EngagementTM immediately after you've officially engaged our services for a TruAccessTM audit. We're able to offer this valuable document at that point because of our detailed scoping and pre-engagement proposals.

Working out the details ahead of time avoids surprises and gives you the ability to confidently report that you have a real accessibility plan in place.

Your verification confirms that you have:

  • Engaged us for a full TruAccessTM audit, with our team of experts performing our specialized four-point hybrid testing;
  • Agreed to a scope of work outlining the automated scan parameters, manual testing parameters, custom use cases, and audit deliverables;
  • Set a target accessibility compliance level of WCAG 2.1 A/AA conformance; and,
  • Agreed to an initial audit timeline.

Whether in response to a demand letter, to share with other interested parties, or for your own records, you can quickly produce a document that validates you have taken steps toward accessibility compliance.

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