Letter of Reasonable Accessibility

As your digital accessibility partner, we know achieving accessibility compliance is critical to your business — so is proving your compliance. That's why we now provide our clients with a Letter of Reasonable Accessibility™.

Updated quarterly for Attorneys to Defend Against Lawsuits

After we've helped test and remediate your digital properties for accessibility, we will provide you a expert evaluation report outlining why we believe your digital properties are reasonably accessible and appropriate accommodations have been made for people with disabilities. Included in our ongoing support, this expert evaluation report will be updated quarterly so your attorney can quickly reference and share it to help defend against accessibility lawsuits.

What does the report say?

Your Letter of Reasonable Accessibility™ will identify your target level of accessibility and the web standards used for accessibility testing. The report will also:

  • Explain the types of disabilities that accessibility impacts were tested for.
  • Describe the testing methodology.
  • Outline the WCAG 2.1 audit process.
  • Identify plans for addressing any non-compliant issues.
  • Discuss the deployment process for content and functionality.
  • Address third-party site integrations.
  • Detail staff training.
  • Describe site accessibility accommodations.
  • Document current and future plans.

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