TVs Can Read?  They Can Now, With Dragon TV

March 28, 2013 4:04:00 PM EDT

Nuance Communications Inc. has created a voice and language interpretation platform that will be integrated into Smart TVs, devices and service operators. The company has announced a partnership with Panasonic, who will be rolling the feature out with its new lineup of SMART VIERA® HDTVs.

“Dragon TV enables Smart TV manufacturers like Panasonic to deliver a differentiated and compelling experience in one of the most intuitive ways people communicate – through voice,” commented Michael Thompson, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Nuance Mobile.

The Dragon TV experience will be beneficial to many, but especially to those living with disabilities. The program allows the user to speak to their TV and it will actually respond, be it to change the channel, find programs or movies by content or actor, as well as connecting with social media and the Internet.

TVs have come a long way since dial buttons and rabbit ears. Maybe a Jetsons era isn't so far off?

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