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The Next Time You...

Dec 12, 2019

Sometimes, getting accessibility right takes a lot of thought and requires the technical guidance of a trusted accessibility partner. Sometimes, you can be well on the right path by having go-to checkpoints for certain content types. Here are a few of those to keep handy.

So, the next time you...

Add an image

Ask yourself:

  • Does it need to be an image or could the same be achieved with text?
  • Is it decorative or will it need a text alternative?
  • How will it render when magnified or when viewed on a smaller screen?

Add a video

Ask yourself:

  • Does it have captions and are they accurate and adequate?
  • Does it have a transcript and it is accurate and adequate?
  • Does it need audio description?
  • Are text and visual elements easy to see and read?
  • Are flashes within the proper thresholds?

Checklist for Creating Accessible Videos

Create an interactive chart, tool, or gizmo

Ask yourself:

  • Can everything be reached and controlled with a keyboard?
  • If instructions are needed, are they clear and are they available to everyone?
  • If there is the possibility of user error, will people know how to correct mistakes?
  • Will it work with assistive technology?
  • Does it need a text alternative?
  • Does it use visual means aside from color alone to convey information?

Add a podcast

Ask yourself:

  • Does it have a transcript and is it accurate and adequate?
  • If it has any visual media and timing is important, does it have captions?

Top 5 Ways to Make Podcasts Accessible

Post on social media

Ask yourself:

  • Are there visual elements that need a text alternative?
  • Are videos captioned?
  • If including a link, is the destination accessible?
  • Are hashtags as accessible as they could be?

More social media tips:

A little can go a long way

Are these tips an exhaustive list for accessibility? Of course not, but keeping in mind some of these basics the next time you incorporate these content types will be in the best interest of your customers and your accessibility efforts.

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