Spirit Airlines website accessibility ranked highest in domestic airline industry

March 13, 2014

Spirit Airlines website accessibility ranked highest in domestic airline industry. The average grade in the airline industry for website accessibility is a disturbing D+. In fact, other than Spirit Airlines, the results are appalling.

After a decade of awareness and two years of open discussion about website accessibility, the US Department of Transportation has finally added specific rules for the airline industry to “ensure that passengers with disabilities have equal access to the same air travel-related information and services that are available to passengers without disabilities through airline websites and airport kiosks”. The rule went into effective on December 12, 2013. Southwest airlines was sued for website accessibility issues in 2002. Over a decade later, with a lawsuit under their belts and specific enforceable rules from the US Department of Transportation, their website still discriminates against people with special needs.

Airline Grade
Spirit Airlines B
US Airways D+
Virgin America D+
Sun Country D+
Alaska Airlines D+
Southwest Airlines D
JetBlue D
American Airlines D
Frontier Airlines D
United D
Delta D
Hawaiian Airlines D-

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