Speech Recognition Improvements to Microsoft's Bing Phone App

March 25, 2013 3:01:00 PM EDT

Microsoft has been working to enhance its Bing App, most specifically, its speech recognition function. Improvements, such as word error rate reduction, reduction in latency for speech requests and better handling of speech requests in noisy situations, have been announced.

In a confidential event held for its employees in early March, Microsoft performed a side-by-side demonstration revealing the improved functionality of the new version versus the old. The outcome exhibited that the new system returned results .05 seconds faster, was able to stream text even while the user was still speaking, and displayed much more accurate results than its predecessor.

These advances, along with others that have been leaked to the press, may be hinting toward the rumored roll-out of a new Windows OS codenamed Blue. Rumor or not, Microsoft is clearly heading in the right direction regarding overall accessibility.


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