Is the Ivy Wilting in the Ivy League?

February 13, 2014

The Ivy League consists of eight of the most prestigious higher education institutions worldwide. Typically, these universities and colleges lead others in academics and are considered invaluable when helping their graduates secure jobs. Each one has an excellent reputation as an open community, void of discrimination as each facility goes to great lengths to ensure their campus is fully accessible to those with special needs.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the status of their public facing websites. The Bureau of Internet Accessibility, a company dedicated to making the Internet accessible to everyone, including those with hearing or vision impairments, was disappointed to learn that the average website accessibility grade of the Ivy League sites was a "C". Ironically, a GPA equivalent to a "C" would inhibit a prospective student from being accepted into these Universities’ programs.

On a brighter note, this average is up from last year’s average, and Brown University specifically has made some incredible progress in the area of website accessibility.

Ivy League Intuition Grade
Brown University B
Dartmouth College B-
Columbia University C+
Harvard University C
Princeton University C
University of Pennsylvania C-
Cornell University C-
Yale University C-

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