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How Do We Perform Accessibility Testing for the Impact of Speech Disabilities?

Mar 7, 2019

This is the fifth and final piece of our series dedicated to sharing a bit of what we look for when testing websites and apps to identify the accessibility barriers people with certain disability types may experience.

Part 5: Accessibility testing for people with speech disabilities

Speech disabilities refer to any difficulty audibly speaking in a way that is identifiable and understandable to others.

When we test for accessibility impacts on people with speech disabilities, here is what we look for:

Voice is not the only interaction or control method

Voice-activation and interaction continue to pop up in more places and devices everyday, and these can provide hands-free convenience — however, if voice is the only way to initiate an action or respond to a prompt, people who cannot or choose not to speak are prevented from using a website or an app.

Voice-based communication, like phone calls, is not the only way to contact an organization

Email, contact forms, and live chat are contact methods that a lot of people prefer these days, and they also present accessible alternatives to relying on vocal communication.


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