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Get Your Braille and Large Print Letters from Santa: 2019

Nov 30, 2019

December is just about here and Santa’s workshop is gearing up for their annual deluge of letters to Santa from children all over the world. Children anxiously await Christmas, with their excitement building as the day approaches. Carols, lights, and decorations surround us, and perhaps a snowfall or two will create a perfect scenery, maybe even a white Christmas. Receiving a letter from Santa adds to the joy and anticipation of the children. Fortunately, once again Santa is on top of his accessibility game, excluding no child, and prepared to send out letters to children in Braille and large print.

Organizations from around the world have teamed up again this year with Santa’s elves in sending out Braille letters from Santa. You can request using the list of organizations below. They’ve got a direct line to Santa and the North Pole — but act fast!

Get your requests in by these dates

Submit requests by December 2, 2019 for postal mail replies, or December 20, 2019 for email replies

RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) (UK)

It has been over 20 years that the team of elves and fairies at RNIB have pitched in to help Santa out in replies to his letters.

You can use an online form or send letters by post. Be sure to include the child’s first and last name.

Reply formats include uncontracted Braille, contracted Braille, large print (please specify the font size), audio CD, or email (16 point attachment).

Submit requests by December 12, 2019

Canada Post

Santa and his elves are busy this time of year, going through sacks of mail. Canada Post continues the tradition in helping out Santa with his mail, in more than 30 languages (and in Braille).

Submit requests by December 16, 2019

National Federation of the Blind (NFB)

For over ten years, Santa’s honorary elves have been sending out Braille letters to boys and girls in the United States who are ten years old and younger. Also included, will be a printed letter for parents and others who might not read Braille, to follow along.


Santa’s Braille Workshop is open again. Parents, teacher, and friends can put in for Braille letter from Santa, postmarked from the North Pole, which also includes a large print copy. Choose from four different letters.

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