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Free and Fast Accessibility Checks to Start Today

Mar 14, 2019

Not all web accessibility testing is created equal, and not all of it needs to take a lot of time and money. In fact, you can start to get a sense of the condition of your website almost immediately using some of these tools and methods. Let's get started.

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Free website accessibility scan

You can set up a free and confidential website accessibility scan by simply providing BoIA your website URL and contact information. Our powerful a11y® platform will scan your website — and when it's complete, you'll receive a free graded report showing which WCAG 2.1 checkpoints tested revealed issues.

a11y® Color Contrast Accessibility Validator

The a11y® Color Contrast Accessibility Validator is a free color contrast analysis provided by BoIA. Meeting color contrast minimums is one of the most important accessibility considerations that should not be overlooked. It's easy to use: simply enter a web address and the tool will display the color contrast issues of a web page per WCAG 2.1 guidelines.

Give yourself quick accessibility tests

You don't need to be a developer or a techie to start identifying potential accessibility barriers. Here are two tests you can perform yourself, right now:

  • Don't use a mouse — keyboard accessibility is foundational to digital accessibility. Challenge yourself by putting the mouse down.
  • Zoom your web page — some people need to or prefer to magnify content. What happens to the information on your website when you zoom in?

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Our goal is to help you achieve, maintain, and prove digital compliance. Talk to us to learn more.

Use our free Website Accessibility Checker to scan your site for ADA and WCAG compliance.

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