Eye Communication is no Longer Merely Subjective

May 22, 2013

Tobii Technology just let people communicate with their eyes, and not just in the romanticized Hollywood way. The company has recently announced its next generation augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) product, the Tobii I-series. These eye-controlled devices purportedly measure eye gaze to allow the users who have communication difficulties, the freedom of expression and increased independence. By simply using their eyes, users can now easily navigate through electronic media, doing things such as text messaging, making phone calls, surfing the Web, accessing applications, taking and sharing photos, and much more.

Oscar Werner, executive vice president of assistive technology at Tobii quoted, “With the precision of Tobii’s Gaze Interaction technology, the I-Series gives not only voice to people who can’t speak but also a sense of control and greater independence. It gives people their lives back.”

With this new roll-out, Tobii Technology is stating that they are the first to bring to the market innovations such as Wake-on-Gaze™ and Sleep-on-Gaze™ features, longer battery life, increased durability, social connectivity, improved environmental controls, versatile mounting, dual cameras and eye-tracking advantage."

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