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4 Incredible Benefits for Web Design Agencies That Incorporate Accessibility

Nov 2, 2020

Web design has only grown in demand over the last few decades and as digital has become even more important to companies this year, the need for compelling designs should continue to increase. In a crowded and competitive space, accessibility offers a way to stand out, yet very few design agencies are currently taking advantage of it. Companies that do decide to create designs that are beautiful and accessible for their clients can immediately realize these four benefits:

  1. They can market their designs as accessible.
  2. They can deliver on accessible designs.
  3. They can help protect their clients from lawsuits.
  4. They can help protect themselves from lawsuits.

They can market their designs as accessible

Companies are asking for accessibility because their own customers, their compliance teams, or maybe court orders are demanding it. They may or may not fully understand what goes into making a website accessible, but web design agencies that can demonstrate that they do have an instant edge over the competition.

It's powerful in marketing and comforting for clients when a designer can publicly state that their designs fully consider color contrast and all standard web design and accessibility best practices.

They can deliver on accessible designs

More important than talking a good game is backing it up. Web design companies that give their clients an array of accessible options are responsible for improving enjoyment and usability for the end user.

How websites look is only one aspect of accessibility, but it's a critical aspect. Web designers who understand accessibility can help their client companies demonstrate their own commitments to usability for everyone.

They can help protect their clients from lawsuits

The current combination of rampant inaccessible design choices and unwavering website accessibility lawsuits causes many in the industry to feel that it's not if inaccessibility will get a company sued, but when.

Big names, like the Dallas Cowboys and ADP, continue making lawsuit headlines and client companies who don't want the same fate will want web partners who can help protect them.

They can help protect themselves from lawsuits

If Company A designs an inaccessible product, Company B puts its name on it, and a customer with a disability can't use it, who is responsible?

A lot of people think that there will be more instances of the creators behind designs being on the hook. Agencies who make sure their designs are accessible can help make sure they aren't subject to being named directly or indirectly in lawsuits.

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