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Digital Accessibility Newsletter
July 2019

Celebrating Independence in More Ways Than One

What does the Fourth of July have to do with digital accessibility?

American flag with wavy texture

On the Fourth of July, we celebrated our independence as a nation that collectively values freedom and liberty.

We also celebrate the independence that accessibility helps achieve and we look toward a bright future that doesn't discriminate on the basis of disability and continues to bridge the digital divide.

Celebrating independence in more ways than one

Mid-year check: don't forget to make documents accessible!

If the public can reach it, it should be accessible. That doesn't only go for websites and apps themselves, but any documents you might link to or share as resources.

close up of a ballot box and casting vote on white background

Not a Single 2020 Candidate's Website is Fully Accessible

"When Americans are prevented from researching presidential candidates due to unnecessary accessibility barriers, the information that people receive and the votes they ultimately cast are altered by discrimination on the basis of disability," said Mark Shapiro, president of the Bureau of Internet Accessibility.

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3D man with a laptop - online security concepts

Accessibility is Privacy and Security

Some say accessibility is just as important as privacy and security.

It is, certainly — but it's time to take the argument one step further. Accessibility isn't only as important as privacy and security, accessibility is privacy and security.

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What if your customers could resolve accessibility issues in real-time?

If a customer were visiting you in your store and needed assistance with something, most likely they would ask. If a customer or potential customer is visiting your website and they can't do or find something because it isn't accessible, what are they going to do?

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Are you taking advantage of all our FREE resources?

Guides. Checkers. Tools. You want them. We've got them. Here are some of our free offerings available to everyone, right now:

We hope you are catching onto the theme here. Even more, we hope you put these great accessibility tools and resources to good use or share them with anyone who will benefit.





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