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Digital Accessibility Newsletter
October 2019

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Breaking: Domino's Case Will Not Be Heard by Supreme Court

Domino's asked the Supreme Court to overrule a lower court's decision that their website and app must be accessible. The Supreme Court denied their petition on Monday.

Plus, we break down the mistake Domino's is making in this high-profile case. Read more


Who Decides If a Website Is Accessible?

Developers play a critical role in accessibility compliance — but do they decide if a website is accessible? What about accessibility testers and subject matter experts?

Something is accessible when people can use it and only when people can use it. So who gets to make that call? We say it's the customer visiting your website. Read more

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Eye Tracking Making Huge Impact

Eye tracking devices are allowing more people to control, navigate, and communicate in the digital world. This is one of the many trends fueling the sky-rocketing assistive technology market.

Read more

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U.K. Regulations Now in Effect

All new public-sector websites published in the U.K. have to be accessible. Sites over a year old and mobile apps will have a little longer to comply.

Accessibility statements are also required.

Read more

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New Hulu Accessibility Features

The streaming provider has rolled out two enhancements to improve its platform:

  • Better text legibility
  • Screen reader to navigate content

Read more

National Disability Employment Awareness Month

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), a reminder and a celebration of the talents that people with disabilities bring to the workforce.

Please help us spread awareness. Despite broad talents and contributions:

  • The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is more than double the rate of people without disabilities.
  • People with disabilities are more likely to work part-time than people without disabilities because their hours were cut or they can't find full-time work.
  • Discrimination can begin as early as the application and hiring process.

"The Right Talent, Right Now" is the theme of #NDEAM2019.

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