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Digital Accessibility Newsletter
May 2020







Now More Than Ever: Place Your Customers at the Center

Did you know it's five-times more expensive to get a new customer than to keep one?

Accessibility drives customer service and retention. If ever there were a time to do everything you could to hang onto the customers you've got, now would be that time.

To successfully serve customers, you've got to meet them with the right information and guidance at the right time. Without accessibility ingrained into your digital experiences, that can't happen.


Why Consistency is Important to Accessible Design

Consistent design and predictable navigation result in a website that is easier to use for everyone.

All users, whether or not they use assistive tech or have a disability, try to find patterns in web design to help them get around.

Designing for consistency helps them take action more confidently and validates each action they take.

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COVID-19 Info Has Been Very Visual— Here's What to Keep in Mind

If you're responsible for crafting materials and messaging related to the pandemic, there are some key best practices to follow so that more people can access the critical information. A little goes a long way.

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Voting hand with ballot and wooden box


Absentee Ballots in Michigan Aren't Accessible, Lawsuit Says

Although options for leveraging accessible digital voting exist, the paper ballots in Michigan can't be used independently by people who can't read and write print materials, violating Title II of the ADA.

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day is May 21

May 21st marks the ninth Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD).

On May 1st we started sharing some of our favorite content on social media, and we're now halfway through sharing these helpful tips, guides, and resources every day for three weeks.

To celebrate with us, like or share our content to help spread the word. Or, get your own trend going with #GAAD.

We'd love to learn what you or your organization has planned and how you're helping more people understand the need and value of accessibility. Feel free to let us know!

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