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June 2020







eBook cover: Developing the Accessibility Mindset

Developing the Accessibility Mindset

Getting accessibility right by changing how you think about it

As you develop the accessibility mindset, accessibility won't feel like a burden, but more of an opportunity. Designs and products won't be great despite accessibility, but because of it.

Your free eBook includes six chapters to help you get accessibility right, with reminders to keep the user at the center of everything and that accessibility is a journey.

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If Your Accessibility Solution Can be Turned On and Off, You've Still Got an Accessibility Problem

The rise in popularity of widgets and overlays that promise quick and effortless accessibility compliance has many website owners wondering if they're good enough.

It's tempting to believe that one line of code could fix accessibility in a day. Unfortunately, these tools require users to activate them, they don't make actual websites accessible at all, they can't do what they say they can, they discriminate against people with disabilities, they don't achieve accessibility compliance, or said simply: they miss the point.

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Man viewing virtual presentation in a home office

Summer 2020: Build Accessibility into Digital Events

The sun is shining, the grill is lit, and the... Wifi has been upgraded for a reliable connection during the season's virtual events?!?

Check out these three reminders to help make this summer's virtual events more accessible for your attendees.

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Business person in front of a laptop, reviewing printed charts and graphs

Mid-Year Marketing Check

All marketers want to reach more people, but most aren't leveraging accessibility to help it happen.

CCPA enforcement still on track to begin July 1

Many people are aware that the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) gives California consumers rights and control over their privacy and personal information.

But did you know the regulations also require that businesses make privacy and opt-out information accessible and suggest WCAG 2.1 compliance?

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has been firm in his commitment to start enforcing the law on July 1. Businesses should act quickly to understand their digital accessibility obligations.

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