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Bureau of Internet Accessibility

Digital Accessibility Newsletter
February 2019

Protect your business with a Letter of Reasonable Accessibility

We now provide our clients a Letter of Reasonable Accessibility.

  • Detailed letter outlining why we believe your website is reasonably accessible with appropriate accommodations.
  • Updated quarterly, your attorneys can quickly refer to and share the letter to help defend against lawsuits.

A Letter of Reasonable Accessibility from our company may be the fastest way to fend off lawsuits by proving and outlining reasonable efforts to achieve full digital accessibility,” said BoIA President, Mark Shapiro.

Protect your business today. Learn more.

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Social media accessibility check-in

We’re compiling the different ways you can help make your social media content more accessible to everyone. If you have a question or would like to see an article on a specific social media platform, send us a note and we’ll look into it!

Hashtags written on multiple blue road sign

#Accessibility: Make your hashtags accessible


Hashtags don’t include spaces between words and because most people leave the whole tag lowercase, many people can’t easily understand what they’re intended to say.

Learn how making one small change can make your hashtags friendlier to screen reader users and othersGet this important hashtag accessibility tip.

Updates: Web accessibility lawsuits

Some household names are finding themselves subject to accessibility complaints and lawsuits — raising awareness for people who might not be familiar with digital accessibility and highlighting that lawsuits can hit any industry.

The common thread? The ADA applies to websites!

Digital accessibility is a cost with no benefit, right?

There is still a myth out there that accessibility is a cost with little or no benefit. Here are just a few of the ways digital accessibility is an investment, not a cost.

  • Accessibility is an investment in your brand.
  • Accessibility is an investment in your customer.
  • Accessibility is an investment in cleaner technology.
  • Accessibility is an investment in compliance.

Our best advice is that it’s always easier to decide to make your website or app accessible before a complaint or lawsuit decides for you. If you have any questions about whether or how the ADA or other laws apply to your digital presence, please talk to us.

Read more about how accessibility is worth the investment.



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