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Digital Accessibility Newsletter
August 2019

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Government Accessibility Updates

Government agencies have been the focus of a lot of attention this month around accessibility.


What if I can't afford digital accessibility?

We think this is a completely fair question to ask. After all, businesses exist to make money and it can cost money to make a website accessible.

If you have this question, we want you to know that a lot of free resources are available. Please also know that accessibility may be better thought of as an investment, not a cost; that it may not be optional; and that inaccessibility can cost a whole lot more. Read more

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70% Off: PDF Accessibility Self-Paced Training Sale

How do you make a PDF accessible? Where do you even start?

During the whole month of August you can take 70% off self-paced PDF training with code: Aug19Take70offPDF.

Get started with 70% off PDF training

Concept of showing a car in the palm of your hand.

Update: Uber and Lyft Accessibility

A ride, wherever you want, whenever you want it. Yep, there's an app for that.

That is, as long as the app and vehicle are accessible for you. Here's what Uber and Lyft have done to advance accessibility and where they can improve.

Read more

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8 Things the C-Suite Needs to Know About Accessibility

  1. Accessibility starts with you.
  2. The lack of accessibility could mean legal trouble.
  3. Accessibility is important for privacy and security.

Read more

Are you testing custom use cases for accessibility?

A use case represents a process or key action a typical user would want to accomplish on a website. Each page and element that's part of that use case is vital to the accessibility and usability of a website.

If your test plan doesn't include use cases, it might not be representative of how people actually use websites. Read more






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