www.hawaii.edu Website Accessibility Results

WCAG 2.0 Success Criteria are organized around four principles: Perceivable, Operable, Understandable and Robust. These Principles lay the foundation necessary for anyone to access and use Web content. A sampling of www.hawaii.edu website was scanned using our automated scanning tools. The results of this scan provides an indication of the accessibility of www.hawaii.edu but does not represent a thorough analysis, for which a manual review of the website per WCAG 2.0 AA specifications is also advised.

Rated an average Rating Star Rating Star 2 out of 5 stars

Perceivable: B-

Information and user interface components must be presentable to users in ways they can perceive

Some of your users may have difficulties with one or more of their senses, making them reliant on assistive technology to browse your website. Our automated scan found issues with 19.3% of the pages tested under this Principle.

Operable: C+

User interface components and navigation must be operable

Some of your users may have impairments that make the use of touch screen or mouse technology impossible forcing them to rely on the keyboard only to navigate your website. Our automated scan found issues with 25.9% of the pages tested under this Principle.

Understandable: F

Information and the operation of user interface must be understandable

Your website must use clear terms, have simple instructions, explain complex issues and avoid inconsistent functions. Our automated scan found issues with 46.8% of the pages tested under this Principle.

Robust: F

Content must be robust enough that it can be interpreted reliably by a wide variety of user agents, including assistive technologies

Your website must meet recognized standards to minimize the risk of your users relying on technology that cannot correctly process your website. Our automated scan found issues with 61.5% of the pages tested under this Principle.


About www.hawaii.edu:

Hawaii.edu is the website of the state of Hawaii's higher education. The university has 10 campuses, that are spread across the island of Hawaii.

Education is an indispensable part of ones future. Keeping this in mind, the university has kept provisions for innumerable dynamic courses, that are offered by them. Information regarding these courses can be found on the site. They provide links that take one to the respective sites of their various campuses. Comprehensive details about the fee structures for varied courses is readily available on those sites, along with the requirements for application and consideration for scholarship.

The Directory tab on the site allows one to locate a person who might be in one of those universities. One also has the opportunity to seek out a job in any of the campuses using the 'Work at UH' tab. They can scroll through job openings and apply where they find themselves best suited. Hawaii.edu is similar to a portal, that summarises and categorises vast knowledge into easy to decipher sections, which then guides the user to their appropriate link, for further in-depth assistance.

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